Senior Saturday – Building Your Brand

Two weeks ago, I attended the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism Senior Saturday event. This is an event designed for journalism majors, in which alums talk to us about our futures. What we can expect, how we should go about our job search, etc.

One particular presentation that stuck out to me was Scripps grad Ryan Lytle‘s (@rlytle)  presentation about Personal Branding. He spoke to us about different strategies for our presences on each social media site.

Here’s what I learned:


  • Know your audience
  • Set privacy settings
  • Complete your profile
  • Start a group page
  • Join group pages – interaction is important
  • Link to your Facebook
  • Feed your network
  • Don’t be careless (No drunk pictures! Nothing you wouldn’t want an employer to see.)


  • Don’t make your Twitter page private – in this industry you shouldn’t have a private page
  • Be mindful of content (Hello, no drunk tweets!)
  • Follow people! People and brands that interest you.
  • Listen and lurk
  • Participate (Don’t get caught simply RT-ing)
  • Foster relationships – journalism is a small world, you REALLY can make relationships happen on Twitter
  • Don’t be careless
  • 85% of what you do on Twitter should be engaging with others


  • Brand your profile
  • Build your network
  • Take part in groups
  • Promote your brand

Other Tips:

  • Be yourself, be authentic
  • In this business, you can sniff out a phony
  • Be active! Your personal brand doesn’t have an off day
  • Make your brand unavoidable
  • If you read/follow a lot of blogs – COMMENT!
  • Stay active in your network
  • Endorsements are crucial, this is important for your brand

You can check out Ryan’s complete presentation on his website!

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