Athens Bucket List

As you may have noticed, the weather in Athens is finally beginning to get warm. This means my time as an undergraduate will be coming to an end soon. With this in mind, I’ve been compiling my own Athens/OU bucket list of things every student should do sometime before they graduate.

1. Study/lay out on College Green. It may sound a little corny, but in the fall and spring hanging out on College Green is really nice.

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2. Eat lunch on the court house steps. In fact, there are people out there right now munching away! On a nice day, sitting on the steps of the Courthouse and eating lunch is so nice. You can sit in the warm sun, and people watch (and there are some interesting folks in Athens!).

Athens Courthouse

3. Eat at EVERY delicious Athens restaraunt. There are SO many. Some of my favorites are:

  • Bagel Street Deli – for the best bagel sandwhiches (ever?) Great for a sit-down or take-out meal.
  • The Diner – traditional diner food and the best milkshakes & malts in Athens. Great for a family meal but also awesome to take back to your house.
  • Salaam – amazing mediterranean food. Go for a sit-down meal.
  • Soulvaki’s – another mediterranean restaraunt. They have amazing fried zuchini. Open late on weekends, and delicious on your walk home.
  • O’Betty’s – Open pretty much all day, and until 3am. Home to the best chili-cheese fries in Athens, Ohio. Cash only. Walk up to the window and order. While the line gets pretty long on late nights, it’s well worth the wait.
  • “Cheap” chinese – A term of endearment coined by students, at “Cheap” also known as Peking Express, you get rice or noodles and three sides for just $4.50 (perfect for Sunday morning brunch)
  • Lui Lui sushi Tuesday – While this restaurant is a bit more expensive, and a bit of a walk, but every Tuesday, they have buy one get one half off sushi rolls if you go to Campus Menu’s and get the coupon sent straight to your phone.

4. Stroud’s Run State Park. They have everything there! A mini-beach where students can tan, a sand volleyball court, canoe’s for rent, hiking (and it’s gorgeous!) and a shooting range. It’s super fun, especially during Spring Quarter. 

5. Visit Old Man’s Cave and the Hocking Hills. Located just outside of Athens, Old Man’s Cave makes for some gorgeous hiking, complete with  waterfalls.

6. Buy a Passion Works flower. This is something I have yet to do. Passion works with mentally disabled artists to create beautiful art. Their flowers are their most popular art.

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7. Attend 90s night on the green. Every year, this UPC sponsored activity is something I look forward to. You get to view 90s favorites like Boy Meets World, Fresh Prince and Hey Arnold, as well as enjoying 90s foods like Fruit by the Foot.

8. Sit outside Perk’s and people watch. Ever since coming to OU, Perk’s has been my absolute favorite coffee shop. Not only can you get a medium coffee for just $1, they have chairs and tables outside on the sidewalk where you can people-watch/study/chat with friends. Sitting right across from College Green, it’s a great location.

9. Study in the Scripps amphitheater outside Scripps. Adjacent to College Green, this location directly outside Scripps is perfect for studying, laying in the sun, people watching or hanging out with friends. (And if you’re a journalism student like me, it’s close to class!)

This is my bucket list, for more things to do before you graduate, check out UPC’s list of 100 Things to Do Before Graduation.

What’s on your bucket list?

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