Curbside Cupcake + Bipartisan Congressional Women’s Softball Game

This week was absolutely an amazing one on the Hill!

Yesterday, two of my office-mates introduced me to Curbside Cupcake (I’m beginning to realize how much this city likes its’ cupcakes!). If you follow @curbsidecupcake on Twitter, they will send updates as to the location of their different cupcake trucks around the city.

Curbside Cupcake's Twitter page!

Yesterday, the were on the Hill,so we ventured out! I got a DELICIOUS carrot cake cupcake:

My delicious carrot cake cupcake!

Then, last night was the charity softball game of Congresswomen v. Female Press Corps in D.C.. Myself and the other staffers attended to cheer on our boss (who kicked booty might I add; the Congresswomen won 5-4!)

The other staffers and myself with Congresswoman Capito aka Queen Coal!


The staffers at the game.

Us with Shelley's signs!

This morning I went to an intern session with Dana Bash, the senior white house correspondent for the White House of CNN. I was with approximately 20 other interns and got to ask her questions about her job, etc. She gave some amazing perspective about journalistic ethics.

This weekend should be great, I’m visiting my Uncle John in MD, going to the Holocaust Museum and Ford’s Theater, oh and TURNING 21!!!

Next week I get to hear from John Ashcroft, Colin Powell and Joe Manchin!

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