Last Weekend as a 20-year-old!

This weekend was my last as a 20-year-old! I can’t believe my birthday is just 6-ish hours away – I’m so excited! I kicked off my third decade of life with a bang this weekend:

Saturday during the day my cousins John, Janys and Patrick came and picked me up, and I headed to Maryland where they live. We went to lunch, then went to their house:

Me and cousin Patrick and my birthday gift!

Then, we headed to Annapolis, MD to the harbor, which was absolutely beautiful:

Me at the harbor.

Annapolis harbor

This Tavern in Annapolis has been open since 1750!

Beautiful old homes

Then we went to a delicious ice cream shop, with TONS of ice cream:

So many different flavors!

I found a store dedicated to Daisy!:

Then, today, my friends and I went to Ford’s Theater, where Lincoln was assassinated. They have a museum dedicated to Lincoln’s presidency:

Part of the museum dedicated to the Gettysburg Address

The gun Lincoln was shot with.

The clothes Lincoln was wearing the night he was shot.

Lincoln's bloody pillow

The presidential booth where Lincoln was shot.

It was another great D.C. weekend! I turn 21 tomorrow, and next weekend is July 4!

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