Never settle.

Several years ago, I sat at the dinner table with my mother and father, a typical family dinner, nothing out of the ordinary.

I wish I could remember what we were talking about (more likely than not, it was about a boy who wasn’t treating me like a princess as he should have been) I distinctly remember my dad saying to me, “Never settle for ANYTHING less than you deserve, which is the best.”

Whether you’re blue over a guy, vying for a job or trying to decide where you fit, this is amazing advice.

I’ve been thinking about these words of wisdom a lot lately, and thought I should share. Because remember, you (yes, you) deserve the best soย never settle for less than that.

The best advice I've ever been given.

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  1. Ah… gotta love parents of daughters. Also, when Dad says “He’s just not into you. Dump him.” BELIEVE. Dad’s can smell a weak link a mile away. Moms try to like everyone their daughter likes, just because…..

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