Bobcat pride.

I have to admit, since coming to college, I’ve never been big on Homecoming. In fact, I’ve only been in Athens for one full homecoming weekend. My freshman year was my grandmothers funeral and my junior year I was in Washington, D.C. attending PRSSA National Conference. Sophomore year, although I was in Athens, I was working for ImPRessions during the majority of the festivities.

This year, while I left for the second day of Homecoming, I was in Athens for the beginning of the weekend on Friday. I got to experience our band marching from bar to bar playing in each one and got to attend the Alumni Association block party. What I noticed during each of these was the amount of pride each and every student and alumnus has for Athens and Ohio University.

If you’ve ever spent any time in Athens, you know exactly what I’m talking about. There is absolutely nothing like this town and this school and each and every person who is from here or who has been an Ohio U student knows it.

“Ask any Bobcat, they’ll tell you how it sparkles,” says the Steve Zarate song ‘Jewel of the Hocking.’ The fact that everyone, including myself, who has gone here is so proud of their university and wants to give back makes me incredibly proud.


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