Always Wear Your Invisible Crown

While browsing on one of my favorite photo blogs, TheBerry, the other day I came across this inspirational image:

via The Berry

It really stuck a chord for me. It has always been part of my personal mantra to carry yourself as a Queen and you will attract royalty. Not just in a significant other but in all people. Think how royalty would act. (Like The Dutchess of Cambridge!) You will never see her cursing at people or yelling at them or acting nasty in any way. What does this mean? Be gracious and kind, even if you’re having a bad day. Smile, no matter what. Carry yourself with strength and dignity.

via Pinterest

One quote I found that describes this perfectly:

via Pinterest

Show class is all things you do. Be proud of yourself and others. Display exemplary character. This, to me, is what wearing an invisible crown means. If you do these things, you WILL be a winner.

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