Frugal Fashionista – Gabes Edition

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to be able to go home to visit my family and see Disney on Ice (my mom and I go every year!). Visiting home usually means a shopping trip because not only do I not get to do much shopping here in Athens (due to lack of stores AND I gave up online shopping for Lent because it was putting a significant dent in my wallet), plus Charleston has one of my favorite places to shop; Gabriel Brothers.

Because I’m a college student, I’m forced to be a bargain shopper. However, I kind of like my frugal status, especially when buying of-the-moment pieces (I do splurge on classics!) because I don’t feel so guilty if I only wear them for one season.

Here are a few great pieces I found this weekend:

Vintage cut coral dress (with pockets!) for only $12.99! Fabric is thick enough that it could be worn casual or dressy.

High-waisted scalloped shorts with red piping. Urban Outfitters originally but I got them for $7.99!

White Express blouse for $5 and lightwash JBrand skinnies for $20!

My friends all love to come to Gabes with me because of the amazing deals I keep finding (Hello, JBrands!), but if you go – be ready to dig! I’m typically there for at least an hour (usually longer) when I go, but it is SO worth it!

Another DIY project I did this quarter are these letters:

Letters like these retail for almost $100 on Etsy.

I saw similar ones on Etsy that retail for almost $30 per letter so I decided to make my own (for a fraction of the cost!) to hang on the door to my room.

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