Marketing to Millennials.. why we’re different.

Yesterday, I came across a (satirical) article on Buzzfeed titled, ‘Things Millennial Girls Love‘. While the article was hilarious and kind of true, the wheels in my head started turning about how reaching my generation of millennials via marketing (especially social media). It’s no secret that we are more plugged in than any generation before us, and that making us engaged brand ambassadors is important. We are on track to be the most educated generation in history, and make up almost 36 percent of the work force.

So then, what should we remember when trying to reach millennials?

1. We are constantly plugged in. We are so plugged in that some of us even use our phones to track our sleep (guilty as charged). We know about new technology and platforms before any other generation because we search for it to simplify our lives. These platforms have to be capitalized on within a timely manner, or it won’t have much effect.

2. We consume media in a new way. Because we are constantly connected, we’re consuming media from multiple platforms, oftentimes simultaneously. 63 percent of millennials stay up-to-date with the brands they love on social media and we are significantly more engaged in activities like reviewing and rating products than previous generations. Timely, concise information in crucial.

3. We don’t just consume content, we create it. More people than ever are blogging, Tweeting and Facebooking. We are sharing with our friends and followers the products we are using, who we are voting for and what we’re eating. This has created a unique way for everyone from brands to politicians to find out what the public is saying about them. This unique dialogue allows the immediate, personal response that millennials crave in order to become engaged advocates.

So, what about millennials in politics? By 2020, we will be 40 percent of the electorate. Over half of us gathered information about the 2012 election from social media. As discussed above, we crave unique, personal engagement from brands. This translates to our politicians. We millennials are looking to what others are saying about brands before they make a purchase, this translates to politics. Politicians and campaigns have a unique opportunity to create brand ambassadors using social networks, and we can definitely do a better job of capitalizing on it.

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