Weekend Reading: Links I Love

Happy Sunday, everyone! Here are a few links from around the interwebs I thought were pretty great:

Listotic did a roundup of 32 Makeup Tips That Nobody Told You About. They have some great tips and tricks.

How great is this hot pink biker jacket from Gap?

Love this list: ‘The Best Work Advice I Ever Received’. Some really great words of advice here.

Also, Christian Louboutin has yet again proved he’s a genius by making his classic nude pump in a spectrum of nudes:

Also, check out the 22 recipes that everyone should know how to make.

I kind of LOVE this list of 23 Things That are Awesome about being 23. Sorry, Blink, people do like you when you’re 23.

Happy [almost] Halloween! I dressed up as one of my favorite characters last night to celebrate halloween: Carrie Bradshaw!

Kate Middleton, Carrie Bradshaw and Saturn!

Carrie and the ObamaCarebear

Had so much fun last night!


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