Weekend Reading: Links I Love

Happy Friday everyone! Aside from the fact that I keep thinking it’s only Wednesday, I’m pretty excited for the weekend. To help you get through the last few hours of your week or your lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings in bed:

All my PR amigos will appreciate this (despite how sad it is): Conde Nast is ending their internship program after being sued by two former interns who claim they were paid less than minimum wage for their internship at W magazine. There has been quite a bit of talk that the days of unpaid internships might be waning, however, I see both sides of this argument, but I have to admit the most valuable internship I held (on the Hill) was unpaid.

In other news, Ralph Lauren is making damn sure that the uniforms for Team USA this year, are 100 percent MADE IN THE USA. 

Check out this infographic that shows what every country leads the world in. The USA? Nobel laureates and getting killed by lawnmowers.

I’m literally always looking for ways to wake up earlier, so I was thrilled to see Refinery29 compile a list of ‘Foolproof’ ways to wake up early.

Talk about causing depression: There is a new study showing that pasta consumption (along with red meat and soda) is linked to depression.

We all love Nightmare Before Christmas. Check out these 20 Crazy Facts about the movie.

Also, the best thing about this week? Honey Boo Boo and her family dressed up as the Kardashians for Halloween. Epicness ensued.

Honey Boo Boo as Mama Kris? I die.


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