Weekend Faves: Links I love

Ok guys, I have to talk to you about Kate Middleton. I love what she’s doing for women’s fashion. She does something a lot of celebrities out there don’t do. She repeats her outfits and mixes affordable pieces with high-end pieces. I love that she wears her clothes more than once (whether or not they are high or low end) when she really doesn’t have to. I mean, let’s be real, you know she could have a new outfit every day if she wanted.

She recently wore this $35 Zara necklace to a movie premiere and the internet exploded. The necklace is sold out online and is now going for 7 and 8 times the price on Ebay:

Kate wearing her $35 Zara necklace at a movie premiere.

I never thought sequin leggings could be chic, but Jess from Here & Now Life makes them look fabulous. This is a perfect look for New Year’s or a holiday party:

Find out where you can get sequin leggings on Jess’s blog!

Some days, we all feel a little lazy in the mornings. Cosmos lists five hairstyles that actually look better with dirty hair.

Ladies, Naked 3 is finally here. It’s definitely on my Christmas list.

If you’re like me at all, sometimes it’s difficult to control impulse buying. Check out Yahoo’s tips to control your impulses.

This woman died leaving a home FULL of never-worn designer clothing in PERFECT condition. Seriously check this out. It’s all going on sale next month. A real-life Miss Havisham.

This Twitter status describes a lot. Yup.

Finally, these vintage magazine headlines are ridiculous and hilarious at the same time:

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