Weekend Reading: Links I Love

Happy weekend, kids! I’m so excited to move the first bit of my massive closet to Pittsburgh this weekend!

So, everyone, we all know that I, like every other female in America is obsessed with Mindy Kaling. She made it into my links last week, and she’s making it into my links this week with her, ‘Thanks but my crop top is NOT courageous!” appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.

Also awesome, from Cosmo: Reality vs. Expectation: Going to the Gym.

I’m always looking for creative ways to store my jewelry – loving these ideas from SheFinds. Loving the cork letters:


A GIF reaction to GOT’s new season. lolz (WARNING: Spoilers!):


Also loving the trench coat season inspo that Cupcakes and Cashmere posted:


Also, baby elephants learning how to use their trunks. I die:

Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

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