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Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’re gearing up for an exciting weekend – I’m personally planning on relaxing + lounging by the pool for a serious amount of time. Anyway, here are a few things from around the interwebs I’m loving. Feel free to read while lying by the pool:


One of my favorite bloggers, Capitol Hill Style, posted this last week. Take it to heart!

If the world were made up of just 100 people, this is what those 100 people would be like (it’s pretty fascinating):


The latest Target collab has officially been announced – it’s with Altuzzara. I honestly have NOT been a fan of the last couple of collabs, so hopefully this one will be wearable and great. My favorite’s are those that are extremely wearable and timeless.

My jouro friends will appreciate this: Frequently incorrectly used words that will make you look stupid.

Another one for my PR pro friends: What keeps PR pros up at night. So true.

Great read: an interesting article on the life cycle of an ‘it’ item: “Thanks to the immediacy created by digital media, consumers are driven to purchase what they perceive as must-haves more than ever,”

An article I can get behind: Why Taking A Vacation Can Make you Better at Your Job.

Ahh, looking back to my days as an APPROPRIATELY dressed intern on the Hill. I can 100% attest that there were some seriously inappropriately dressed interns AND staffers:  It’s summer in Washington, don’t put your best flip-flop forward.

Here’s what’s inspiring me on Pinterest (and from my favorite bloggers) for this weekend:

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 11.04.19 AM


Have a great weekend! xoxo -A

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