Weekend Reading: Links I love

Happy Saturday, friends! Yesterday was my birthday and my family is in town, so I’m enjoying spending time with them + S!

Here’s what I’m loving this week:

1. 35 websites that will change your life via Buzzfeed. Particularly fascinating are ‘You’re getting old‘ and Nick Reboot!

2. Capitol Hill Style posted a fascinating read about J. Crew’s ‘Vanity Sizing’ – who really wins when brands/stores sell sizes like 0000 or XXXS?

3. What everyday phrases have you been saying wrong? I thought I was pretty good with that stuff – turns out I got a few wrong!

4. If you have bangs, Ulta has a new bang-trimming tool that has your name on it!

5. I’m loving Classroom Couture‘s black leather shorts and white blazer:


Here’s what I wore for date night/birthday/engagement drinks with friends last night:

Maxi: Target, Heels: DSW, Bangles: Canal St. NYC

Maxi: Target, Heels: DSW, Bangles: Canal St. NYC


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