Rainy days…

Waking up to the sound of rain on the roof of your house is an incredibly relaxing feeling. Realizing you have to go to work in it has the exact opposite effect. Yesterday worked out well because I only worked a half day and was able to throw on my rain boots to avoid the monsoon outside:

Dress: Marshall's (last summer), Vest: JCPenny, Boots: Charlotte Russe

Dress: Marshall’s (last summer), Vest: JCPenny, Boots: Charlotte Russe

Rain boots are essentially casual, so pairing them with a dress helps me to dress them up some. Or at least make it look like I’m not totally ready to go splash through puddles (Ok, I admit – it’s my favorite thing about wearing rainboots.)

How do you dress for rainy weather?

Happy styling! xoxo -A

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