White after Labor Day…

Well guys, Labor Day has come and gone, and that means.. YOU CAN STILL WEAR WHITE!! Yes, yes you can. Just like brown and black and navy and black totally go together. It’s 2014, and those are all things.

Here are my personal do’s and don’ts for wearing white after LD:


  • Wear white blazers and white jeans. White jeans look awesome with riding boots, sweaters, over the knee boots, booties, etc.
  • White blazers, so long as the fabric isn’t a summery fabric (like linen) you’re all good.


  • Wear gauzy or lineny pieces. Save those for a winter getaway to the beach! (Like this dress.)
  • Wear white shoes – stick with nude in cooler months!
  • Carry white bags – save those for the summer. Opt for cognac if you want to carry something neutral!




Images via Pinterest

Images via Pinterest

and in case you were wondering… the most important rule of all:


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