Wedding Wednesday: Suits & Registry

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these because quite frankly it’s been craziness around these parts. Between moving to a new state and starting a new job wedding planning has kind of taken a back burner.

Last Sunday, Seth and I got back on the wagon, and knocked out a few items that have been on our list for awhile:

1. Picking out suits: Generally the two options are renting or buying. We looked into both options and decided that for us, renting was the most cost-effective. We’re having our wedding parties purchase their ‘wedding-wear’ and we’ll be giving them gifts as a ‘Thanks for being such awesome friends’. Anyway, buying suits ended up being slightly less expensive than renting, and at least this way the ‘fellas can wear their suits again:

Um hi, could he look anymore handsome?

Um hi, could he look anymore handsome?


Tie decisions – Seth will wear one and the groomsmen will wear the other.

2. Registering for wedding gifts. We decided to go ahead and knock out registering for wedding gifts at Macy’s. We registered for our China and other household appliances, and decided to do a honeyfund as our other registry:



3. Pick out your wedding rings: How crazy is this!? My engagement ring came with y wedding ring, so all we had to do was pick Seth’s. In his words, ‘You lucked out!’ and he’s totally right because his ring is less fancy, and therefore cheaper:



And finally, since I’m getting married in October, there’s a possibility that I’ll need something to keep me warm between venues. A little #outfitinspo from Cincinnati Weddings:


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  1. Girl, you’re way ahead of me! We just past the three month mark yesterday and finally over the weekend I told Dave we HAD to find their suits. Still haven’t done it lol.

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