Starting wearing purple for me now…

Never fails. I hear this song EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I wear the color purple.

True story: I found this American Eagle dress at Gabes awhile back, and hadn’t worn it yet. Mostly because it has a stain on the boob (Yep, you read that correctly. But in my defense, this dress was, like, $10.)

While traveling for business earlier in the week, I saw a girl wearing a fabulous purple dress with a black jacket over it, and immediately thought of this dress and ‘why the hell not’!?

Blazer & Dress: Gabes (Dress is American Eagle), Pumps: Aldo, Lips: MAC 'Up the Amp'

Blazer & Dress: Gabes (Dress is American Eagle), Pumps: Aldo, Pandora bracelets, Lips: MAC ‘Up the Amp’

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