Blazer Coat

I was recently gifted this checked sweater from my mother, and admittedly I wasn’t quite sure how to style it. It’s not quite a coat, but not quite a blazer, and I wasn’t totally sure what to pair it with.

I happened upon this look from Pink Champage Problems’ blog and suddenly it hit me just how to wear it:

Sweater: Gabes (gift from my Momma!), Dress: Old Navy (old), Boots: Lulu's, Necklace: Old - Gabes?, Lip: MAC 'Diva'

Sweater: Gabes (gift from my Momma), Dress: Old Navy (old), Boots: Lulu’s, Necklace: Old – Gabes?, Lip: MAC ‘Diva’

I’m really diggin’ this black & white with a pop of oxblood look. I’ll be wearing this straight through winter by simply adding black tights.

Dress accordingly,

xoxo -A

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