How to Style a bar Cart

In our house, our bar cart is a focal point to our everyday life. It gets a good bit of use, ahem, we did go to Ohio University, and it’s one of my favorite decorative focal points in our [new to us] living room.



I actually got this bar cart several years ago for Seth when we were first dating. I knew he’d love it for his apartment at the time, and I’m happy it worked into the home we’ve built together too.


We got several customized cutting boards for our wedding, and most of them have found a home on our bar cart. It did’t feel right not to display them because they were such kind, thoughtful gifts.



We also got this perfect airplane cocktail shaker for our wedding and when we moved, I had the bright idea to display it with our liquor:



I added a few other small details from our wedding, too. We had a TON (and I mean a ton) of leftover cocktail napkins and it made perfect sense (and was free…) to give them a use. We also added straws from our wedding reception.


I always keep a few cork screws, coasters, a cocktail shaker, an ice bucket and several different types of glasses, so guests have options for drinks. Aside from the ‘standard’ red and white wine glasses (which we keep on a bakers/wine rack on the other side of the room) I always have martini, Collins and rocks glasses.




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