Tights Rebel

True life: I am a tights rebel. What does this mean, you ask? I hold on to bare legs with every fabric of my being for as long as I can. Each year, I typically wait until the first snowfall before I even think about putting my legs in leg jail – yes, I’m serious.

In my defense, the weather has been SO mild (yeah, probably jinxing myself) that I haven’t seen the need yet. I mean, two days ago it was 50 degrees – whaaaaa!?

This is one of my favorite neutral outfits – I’ve been recreating it over and over this fall (especially thanks to the mild weather). The best part? The cardigan and booties – are from Gabes!

Dress: Old Navy // Cardigan & Booties: Gabes // Necklace: Chico’s // Lip: NARS ‘Rikugien’

Dress accordingly, 

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