Friday Faves: January Beauty Loves

It’s still hard to wrap my mind around the fact that it’s already February, so I guess that’s my excuse for this post being pretty late. I’ve been wanting to share some of my beauty favorites lately, both tried and true and some new-to-me products so here we go – better late than never I guess.

  • Sephora Collection ‘Plume’ Lashes – I’ve been using these for years, but wore them more frequently than usual in January, so I had to share them! They’re SO good. The best part is that you can use them for quite a few uses as long as you care for them. (AKA don’t drunkenly rip them off…)
  • Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – Another tried and true. I’ve repurchased this liquid liner over and over. It’s got a ‘felt’-type tip, but it’s not difficult to apply like some liquid liners plus it lasts ALL DAY.
  • Marc Jacobs Beauty (Re)Marcable Concealer  (in ‘Awake’)- Funny story about this concealer.. I use it for my everyday undereye concealer so I’m putting a good bit on each day, but this stuff LASTS. I bought it probably 2 or 3 years ago and JUST NOW replaced it! It’s $30, but well worth the price when it comes to brightening, coverage and cost per wear.

  • Tarte Creaseless Concealer –  This is a new one for me, but I’ve been in the market for a REALLY good blemish and dark spot concealer for pretty much years. I read other bloggers reviews on this and decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did. It’s really good, like really good. Great coverage and lasts all day.

  • L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay Shampoo & Conditioner – Over the last few months, I’ve been working to get my hair back to healthy. Years of bleach had my hair looking prettttttyyyy ratchet, not gona lie. I don’t wash my hair everyday, but on the days I do, I’ve been using the Kevin Murphy ‘Repair Me’ shampoo & conditioner (another product I recommend!). I’ve read you shouldn’t use the same shampoo & conditioner over and over so I’ve been alternating my Kevin Murphy with this. When I saw it was for ‘oily roots and dry ends’ I almost cried out ‘Where have you been all my life!?‘ in the drug store!

What are your beauty favorites lately? Please share, I love reading about new-to-me products.

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