Life Lately 11/17/2017

Thread Cincinnati, Monkees of Madeira Sip and Shop

Thread Cincinnati, Monkees of Madeira Sip and Shop

The ladies of Thread at Monkee’s of Madeira.

If you’re reading this, I’m probably in full panic mode over the fact that I’m leaving for four weeks in less than one week. Did I mention I haven’t exactly started packing yet!? So that’s where I’m at….

Let’s continue my procrastination by sharing a big of what I’ve been all about lately and what I’m loving from around the interwebs.

Wearing: I am obsessed with these loafers from Target. Let’s be real, they’re basically slippers that are acceptable to wear in public. Seriously, who wouldn’t want that? Plus, they’re affordable. Double bonus.

Also wearing: I picked up this pearl embellished sweater last week at H&M and I am obsessed. Best part? It’s actually warm!

Reading: Not gona lie, I ordered every single book in this post from Covering Bases. Always need good reading for travel, so I’m super excited!

Loving: I picked up a few last-minute items in the Sephora sale on Wednesday, including this eye cream (I had a sample of it and used EVERY drop) and this actually perfect matte red lip.

Cincy-ing: Super excited to shoot for the blog and grab brunch with Kayla this weekend at Nation. Probably my favorite brunch in Cincy.

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