Life Lately: 12/15/2017

Success on Stilettos, a Cincinnati fashion blog; holiday party sweater

GUYS! It’s almost Christmas, can you believe it!? If you read the blog frequently, you know I’ve actually been in Alabama the last few weeks for work. For me, that means the last few weeks have REALLY flown by. When I get home (next week!) I have only a few hours to wrap all our gifts before we leave the next day to visit our families.

Anyway, here’s what I’m loving this week:

On the blog: Did you catch this unique holiday party look?

*I had more posts planned this week, but life got in the way! More to come next week.

Reading: I finished The Mountain Between Us in just two nights (can you tell I loved it!?) and I started One True Loves. So far, it’s really great. The basic plot is that the protagonist thinks her husband is dead and is about to get remarried, when her presumed dead husband is found alive.

Watching: A follow-up to last week’s post; I finished The Crown in two days, and jumped into Mindhunter. I also finished that in.. maybe two days. Oops.. But if you’re in to true crime, I highly recommend!

Shopping: How gorgeous is this cropped band jacket? #addtocart

Loving: I downloaded the app Plant Nanny a few weeks ago, and I’m obsessed. You enter your weight/height and activity level and it tells you how much water you should drink in a day. Everytime you drink a glass, you water your plant! It’s great, and has really helped me stay on track!

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